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 Founded in 2014, SAMWHAN CO., LTD produce solar power generation device, LED lighting control device, RTU for real-time monitoring. We aim to become an eco-friendly new and renewable energy company that everyone trusts through engineering business such as electrical safety management, maintenance including designs solar power plants & construction, supervision. For this aim, SAMWHAN plan to increase sales and new employment by expanding business fields related to solar energy and fuel cells. SAMWHAN flexibly respond to changes in the industrial environment by developing technology and strengthening our professional capabilities for the best service with creativity and effort We strive to strengthen our organizational capabilities by recruiting R&D and marketing manpower who has challenging passion and professional capability.

 In addition, we plan to build the foundation for overseas market entry through development of new products, expansion of research facility infrastructure, technology introduction and strengthening the cooperation network with related organizations in the eco-friendly energy industry. SAMWHAN will be a company that everyone trusts and contributes to the development of society through advanced technology, higher quality management and transparent business operations. Based on Good Will and Honesty, we will do our best to ensure that all customers trust and impress. Chief Executive Officer

106, Ujeong-ro, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea | CEO : Kim Hwan Wook

TEL : +82-62-974-4100 | FAX : +82-62-974-4102 | EMAIL :