All-in-one switchgear

  • Designed with safety as the top priority by completely separating the special high pressure and low pressure plates, and can be installed in a narrow space to reduce construction costs
  • AISS + PF + LA + MOF + TR + MCCB , bolt assembly structure with steel plate bending frame type
  • Applicable to areas with salt damage, a lot of dust or fumes, near chemical plants, etc.
  • Applicable a wide range from 3.3Kv to 25.8Kv
  • Small space construction is possible by reducing the area of ​​electrical equipment to 1/4
  • Suitable for facilities requiring remote monitoring and control of power equipment
  • Applied to customers who require eco-friendly products that can harmonize with the surrounding environment

※ Product Specifications

- Apply high-performance of VCB, ACB, MCCB power device by using high-performance and high-reliability materials and provides optimal system protection, various functions.

- Respond to a short delivery time with standardized parts and design. Price competitiveness.

- Minimizes installation space with compact size and reduces installation time.

- Easy maintenance due to standardized design.

- Installation for outdoor sandwitch panel

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