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Solar power generation business
Solar power generation is a technology that directly converts sunlight into electrical energy,
and uses a power generation method using solar cells that generate electricity through photoelectric effects when exposed to sunlight.
The solar power generation system consists of a module composed of solar cells, storage battery and a power converter.


  • Land Solar Power Plant
  • Water Solar Power Plant

Advantages of solar power generation business

  • Advantages of solar power generation business
  • Possible in the necessary place, necessary amount
  • Easy maintenance, unmanned
  • Long life (more than 20 years)

Flow chart of solar power generation business

  • 01 Project review (KEPCO line, permission available(Yes/No), installation available capacity, construction cost, etc.)
  • 02 Signed a contract for integrated solar power construction (business owner ↔ constructor)
    • Module, inverter, installation method, period, etc.
  • 03 Processing period for power generation business license
    • Application : 60 days after applied, excluding Sundays and holidays
    • Application place : Local government (provincial office, city/gu office for metropolitan city)
    • It takes about 2~3 months after apply permission for power generation business
  • 04 After completion of the power generation business license
    • Apply for development license(structure notification etc) and report the construction.

      - Local governments (provincial offices, metropolitan cities, city/gu offices) - Processing period : 2-3 weeks after applied

    • Issuance of business registration certificate (tax office)
    • Application for Electric Power Supply and Demand Contract (PPA) (Securing KEPCO lines)

      [KEPCO Progress] ▶
      Technical review (confirmation of the site and discussion/decision of the line lead-in point) → Calculate the KEPCO entry design & construction cost and inform to the business owner → Payment of KEPCO entry construction cost → KEPCO leading-in : 1~2 months required

  • 05 After completion of all permits such as development license
    • Report of construction plan : By the relevant local government (province, metropolitan city/gu office)

      - Selected as electric supervisor (electricity supervision fee incurred): It takes 1~2 weeks

    • Establishment of specific construction schedule such as pre-use inspection schedule

      - Module, Inverter, Switchgear, structure order, etc.

  • 06 Conducted solar power facility construction : 2 weeks to 1 month
    • Civil-engineering works/support construction/solar cell and inverter installation/electrical work
  • 07 After completion of solar power facility construction : 1~4 weeks
    • Pre-use inspection (electrical safety management work) and sealing (KEPCO, Power Exchange)
    • Electricity supply and demand contract & distribution facility use (high voltage) contract

      - Production power sales: SMP (system marginal price) sales (monthly)

    • Production power sales : SMP (system marginal price) sales (monthly)
    • Application of installation confirmation (within 1 month after completion of pre-use inspection)
  • 08 Energy Management Corporation's task : after confirmation of Energy Management Corporation installation (1 month after application)
    • Join member of Energy Management Corporation in the website (registration of universal certification, etc.)
    • Application for issuance of a supply certificate (REC) (monthly): Take 2 months after pre-use inspection
    • Supply Certificate (REC) sales: spot market (monthly) or bidding market (April, October)

      ※ Power generation business license ~ Pre-use inspection: It takes 5 ~ 6 months

Main Case

  • Hampyeong, Jeollanam-do, Harry 1
    Solar Power 997kw

  • Samhyeon ENS Solar Power in Gunsan,
    Jeollabuk-do 496kw

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