Junction Box

Main Junction Box

  • Fuse type Bussmann Fuse Holder(1000V, 15A)
  • Compact size
  • Simplified internal and easy maintenance
  • Box material: SUS304 1.2T

Centralized junction box

  • Busbar applied to realize internal simplification
  • Bussmann Fuse Holder(1000V, 30A)
  • BOX material: SUS304 1.2T

WM(Weighing Machine) - String Meter Junction Box

  • Inverter 20kW and 36kW connection type
  • BOX material : SUS304 1.5T

※ Product Specifications

- Manufacture and supply junction boxes and meters optimized for solar power plants based on wide experience of power plant construction.

- Have quality competitiveness and price competitiveness by using reliable material and designing.

- Maintenance and repair are convenient due to the standardized design

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