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Electrical safety management and maintenance
Electric power facilities are very complex and dangerous, so it is very dangerous to be managed by people without related knowledge.
We safely maintain and manage electric equipment in use under the consignment of the owner or occupant of electric equipment.
SAMWHAN CO., LTD, which has provided the best electric safety service in Korea as a specialized organization
for electric safety management based on capabilities to safely manage all electrical equipment that our customers have.

Necessity of monitoring/maintenance

  • Hot spots caused by solar cell deterioration (main cause of solar cell deterioration and efficiency decline)
  • Shading caused by trees around the power plant and deterioration due to aging
  • Solar cell surface pollution by dust, bird feces, etc.

Type of maintenance

  • 01 Facility management
    • Painting of structure and supplementation
    • Electrical room cleaning
    • Ventilator inspection, etc.
  • 02 Power plant management
    • Mowing work (2times/June, September)

      * Additional 1 time depending on the power plant condition

    • Spraying pesticides (3 times/February, March, April)
    • Structure angle adjustment
    • Power generation efficiency and REC management
    • High pressure cleaning of module, etc.

Abnormality registration and problem solving procedure

Main cases of maintenance agency

  • Main maintenance of power plant
  • ① Jeonnam, Jindo, Green Solar Power Plant (2.99MW)
  • ② Taean, Eco Village, Chungnam (2.99MW)
  • ③ Taean, Chungnam, Top Infrastructure Changgi Taeyang (2.99MW)
  • ④ KM Energy in Seosan, Chungnam (1.29MW)
  • ⑤ Chungbuk, Sejong, Happy City 2 locations (1.36MW)
  • ⑥ Future Green Solar Power Plant in Taean, Chungnam (0.99MW)
  • ⑦ Chungnam Taean SF solar power plant (0.99MW)
  • ⑧ Kyungwan Solar Farm in Taean, Chungnam (0.99MW)
  • ⑨ Jeonnam Goheung Ocean Solar Power Plant (0.99MW)
  • ⑩ Charmbit Solar in Sangju, Gyeongbuk (0.99MW)
  • ⑪ Jeonnam, Boseong, DH Energy (0.99MW)
  • ⑫ Jeonnam, Boseong, SJ Energy (0.99MW)
  • ⑬ Jeonnam, Yeongam, AF Yeongam (0.99MW)
  • ⑭ Sunflower Yeongam in Yeongam, Jeonnam (0.99MW)

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